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Pride Futures Program


Registration for Pride Futures for 2019-20 is now open.  If you meet our requirements as set forth on the link below, you may register for Futures.  Please contact Coach Kush if you have any questions.  


Washington Pride Futures 2019-2020


The Futures Program is designed to help ensure that players are on the right path as they progress through the local youth hockey system prior to joining one of our teams.  Our goal is to supplement each players existing program, not to replace it.  Players born in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and exceptional 2010s are eligible to participate. 

The ideal candidates for this program are girls who are very athletic and who play on a local boys team (or girls team) at a fairly advanced level.  We hope to find girls who love hockey and are interested in someday taking the sport to another level.  The Futures program is designed to be challenging and is not for everyone.  


The Futures program will begin in September 2019.  Players in this program should plan to skate and train on Sunday afternoons from approximately 2:45-3:45PM.  We may have sessions on other days of the week from time to time.  Each session will have both on and off-ice components.  We will meet 14 times over the course of this season.  

The on ice sessions will focus on building on fundamental skills and developing good habits.  Over time, we want to teach players to be able to read and react to common situations that present themselves on the ice, and apply their fundamental skills to those situations.  There is no emphasis on ‘systems’ at all in this phase.  We want to make sure that our girls have a good understanding of the game and can think quickly on the ice.  We will incorporate small area games, and many other ‘Pride-specific’ techniques that have proven effective with our players over the years.


We require that players in our Futures program are playing on a full-time team during the hockey season, and playing at least one other (non-hockey) sport in the off-season.  They also must have at least 2 years of experience on an organized hockey team.  Keep in mind, Futures is not for beginner hockey players. 


Head Coach – Kush Sidhu

- Assistant Coach – Kim Weiss

- Assistant Coach - Marina Alessi 

- Assistant Coach - Aubree Moore

For coaches bios, please visit our coaches page: 

Program Costs:

Dues for the Pride Futures program are $1250 for the 2019-2020 season, and cover the following: 

- All On-Ice Training Sessions

- All Off-Ice Training Sessions

Practice Uniform (Jersey, t-shirt) 

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Kush at or 301-257-8966.

Head Coach

Kush Sidhu

Kush Sidhu

Head Coach

Phone: 301-257-8966